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Brigade Orchards

Is a 130 acre Smart Township,
just ten minute's drive from the Bangalore Airport

A visit to Brigade Orchards, a sprawling integrated Smart Township being developed near Bangalore International Airport makes for an unique experience. Once fully developed, this smartly conceived, well laid out, and multi-faceted unique township in Devanahalli, Bangalore will provide you a lifestyle not many a township in Bangalore can.

Welcome to Brigade Orchards at Devanahalli, Bangalore.

  • Pavilion Villas
  • Sports Arena
  • Health Centre
  • Value Plus Apartments
  • Luxury Apartments
  • Signature Club
  • Arts Village
  • Retail
  • Police and Fire Station
  • School
  • Office Complex

Pavilion Villas

Where luxury becomes a necessity of life

For those who relish nothing but the finest, these smart uber-trendy villas is the perfect idea of indulgence. Stay here. And soak in its unmatched luxury for a lifetime.

Luxury Pavilion Villas in Devanhalli, Bangalore

Sports Arena

Put your child's sporting prowess on the fast-track

A world-class academy promises to unleash your child's sporting talents.

Sports Club at Brigade Orchards in Devanahalli, Bangalore

Health Centre

On campus medical facilities to back you up

A comprehensive range of medical facilities that provide professional treatment, in case of a sudden, unforeseen emergency, is just a drive away.

Health Centres at Brigade Orchards in Devanhalli, Bangalore

Value Plus Apartments

A holistic approach to smart living

Luxurious apartments with all-inclusive facilities. World-class design and amenities, total privacy with breathtaking views that offer total comfort and relaxation for the body and the mind.

Luxury Apartments in Devanahalli, Bangalore

Luxury Apartments

Where the eye meets the sky

Luxury apartments at Brigade Orchards boast of futuristic exteriors and thoughtful designed interiors. The admirable blend of elegant amenities and gracious services promise to enrich and elevate your lifestyle. If you are dreaming it, live it for a lifetime.

Apartments in Devanhalli, Bangalore

Signature Club

Your exclusive lifestyle. Your signature

All that you ever imagined about lifestyle activities, now encompassed in over 85,000 square feet of new world charm and exclusive facilities. All yours to enjoy. Every square foot of it.

Signature Club at Brigade Orchards in Devanahalli, Bangalore

Arts Village

Creativity and Inspiration in a heart beat

Brigade Orchards Smart Township boasts of an art village that is inspired by the rich cultural background of the locality. Exciting opportunities to develop and engage with art related activities close to your heart are just an arm’s length away.

Luxury Apartments in Devanahalli, Bangalore


High street shopping and entertainment at your doorstep

Say goodbye to the congested city traffic. And shop for the world's best loved brands with concept and lifestyle stores that will enthral even the most seasoned shopper. All within a walking distance away from home.

Retail Shops & Multiplex at Brigade Orchards in Devanahalli, Bangalore

Police & Fire Station*

'Safety first,' a principal of life

Professional and emergency services, unique to this Smart Township, contribute to the vital aspect of protection and safety. Enjoy life with confidence and total peace of mind.

* Proposed
Police & Fire Station at Brigade Orchards in Devanahalli, Bangalore


Learning, this is where it begins

In addition to precious hours saved on commuting, your child would simply love to attend the school here that's built to match world-class standards, with well-trained teachers in a friendly environment.

* Proposed
International School at Brigade Orchards in Devanahalli, Bangalore

Office Complex

A beehive of organized activity in a garden setting

Smartly designed, high tech offices provide a work-life balance many can only dream about.

Office Complex at Brigade Orchards in Devanahalli, Bangalore
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