Devanahalli For Decongesting Bangalore
The emergence of Bangalore as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ has been much talked about. This city, known earlier for its cool weather and natural beauty, is today the biggest hub of the Indian IT industry as well as major governmental enterprises and startups of all hues. Vast employment avenues attracted numerous people to the city, whose population nearly doubled in the decade from 2001 to 2011 and has continued to increase. Bangalore, however, now appears to be becoming a target of its own success. The infrastructure, particularly transportation, has not been able to keep pace with this rapid rise in population and consequently, vehicles on the road.

The need for decongestion

Bangaloreans have in recent years, have had to deal with massive traffic congestion, such that travelling to work and back has become an ordeal. It has been estimated that a whopping 60 crore man hours are wasted every year by Bangaloreans, in commuting alone. Apart from the time lost and fuel wasted in long jams, the productivity of people suffers massively. Add to this the exposure to vehicular pollution and hence, increased susceptibility to diseases means the problem is more serious than it appears at first glance.
Many approaches have been mooted to decongest the city, including ring roads, metro service, higher taxes on vehicles etc., but these have had limited impact. Recently, the Karnataka State Government floated a proposal to create a new city near the Kolar Gold Fields (KGF), 100 km from Bangalore, where they plan to relocate around a fifth of the city’s population. However, at the same time, several satellite towns have been coming up a lot nearer to Bangalore, which promises to decongest the main city. One such town is Devanahalli in the northern side of Bangalore and we shall examine why you should consider this town as a good alternative.

Good connectivity

Devanahalli offers the twin benefits of better connectivity to the city and far lower traffic congestion at the same time. As a resident of this town, you need not worry about aligning your office timings with the traffic conditions. This automatically translates into more productivity at work and more time with your loved ones at home. A good work-life balance leads to a healthy lifestyle, which is a must in today’s stressful times.
Devanahalli is connected by a 6-lane highway to the major business district of Hebbal in North Bangalore, which can be reached in under half an hour. Even Whitefield, located at another end of the city, can be reached within an hour without encountering much traffic. Brigade Sanctuary is an upcoming residential project offering premium 3 & 4 BHK apartments near Whitefield-Sarjapur Road. Contrast this with spending nearly a couple of hours from other parts of Bangalore or the proposed city near KGF! Devanahalli is also connected by rail to the major hubs of Yeshwantpur and Bangalore City.
What elevates Devanahalli above other satellite towns, both literally and figuratively, is air connectivity! Devanahalli is home to the Kempegowda International Airport, the third busiest airport in the country. For those inclined to travel by air often, living just a short drive from the airport is a major benefit. The Namma Metro airport link, which will be part of the metro’s 2nd phase, promises to be the next game-changer, directly connecting Devanahalli to the shopping and entertainment district of MG Road in the heart of the city.

A wealth of employment opportunities

Devanahalli has attracted a lot of attention from the government and private players alike, with major investments being made on a war footing. An aerospace SEZ and a hardware park are already functional, while a massive IT park, called the BIAL IT Investment Region (ITIR) is on the cards. Also, on the anvil is the BIAL aerotropolis, which can be described as a new city with the airport at its center, containing numerous options for hospitality and leisure such as hotels, restaurants, business parks etc.
The cumulative impact of all these developments will make Devanahalli a major employment magnet and hence, position the town as a viable alternative to the ever-growing city. One can expect enhanced interest in properties in this town soon, because of people preferring to live in proximity to their workplace. In contrast, for a new city such as the one, being considered at KGF, any such development is likely to take far greater time and investment, and one cannot say for sure how successful such an initiative would be in attracting major companies.

Good social infrastructure at close proximity

If you are choosing a place to live in, you would look not just at the apartment and project alone, but at the neighbourhood as well to see if it has schools for your kids, health care facilities for medical emergencies, malls and markets for your shopping needs etc. You would ideally want these amenities to be close to your home and already functioning in full steam. This is where an area such as Devanahalli holds its edge. Since Brigade Oasis by Brigade Group is located here, it creates an exciting living experience. The project has launched Phase 3 after successfully selling off Phases 1 and 2.
Devanahalli already boasts of reputed schools such as Gnana Deep Academy Residential School, Oxford English School and Akash International School, and hospitals such as Leena Multispecialty Hospital and Akash Hospital. It has a D-Mart, with many more shopping centers coming up. The Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence providing training facilities for a variety of sporting activities is also present nearby. Compare this to other alternative destinations such as KGF, where any social infrastructure will need to come up from scratch and the timeframe for the same.

Gated communities catering to a variety of needs

Devanahalli has several residential options for a variety of people. Whether one is looking for a luxury villa, a premium duplex apartment or an affordable 1/2/3 BHK home, one is spoilt for choice considering the gated communities and townships coming up here. Catering to everyone from business people, professionals, techies among others, these complexes offer both comfort and convenience. Most upcoming projects contain facilities such as clubs, schools, sports grounds, clinics, restaurants, retail and commercial zones, which aim to ensure that residents need not leave the complex to fulfill their needs. This factor makes Devanahalli stand out among the clutter of destinations for one’s dream home.
Bangaloreans looking for a better work-life balance and an escape from their daily commute owing to traffic congestion can consider Devanahalli, which is not too far away and offers them both a serene environment and a choice of homes that meet all their needs.
Brigade Orchards at Devanahalli is Bangalore’s first Smart Township. Spread across 130 acres, it is a one-of-a-kind Integrated Enclave and is designed and master-planned to provide a peaceful and comfortable lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the ever-growing city. So, whether you want to live here, or are just looking for an investment, Brigade Orchards, offers you the best of both worlds.
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